Most people prize their vehicles almost as much as they do their homes. It only makes sense to do what you can to protect your car, truck, SUV, boat, or RV from the weather and from other risks that could cause damage.

10 Benefits Of Carport Installation

10 Benefits Of Carport Installation

Taking steps to protect your possessions can help to preserve their values and help them to last much longer than they otherwise might. Unfortunately, some homes do not include garages or have small garages that cannot accommodate all of their vehicles. A great alternative to a garage is a carport from Nelson’s Buildings. We operate in 23 states including Texas, Alabama, & Georgia and can help you to choose a carport that will meet your needs. Here are 10 top benefits that you can enjoy by having a carport installed on your property.

1. Protection from harsh elements

Many people are forced to park their vehicles outdoors. Depending on where you live, parking your vehicle outdoors can leave it exposed to harsh weather, including snow, ice, rain, sleet, wind, hail, and sun. All of these elements can cause damage to your vehicles and greatly reduce their values and lifespans. Installing a carport is a simple solution to weather exposures. Carports have roofs, some have sides, and some are enclosed. Even a carport that is not enclosed can offer some protection from the elements. Having a carport installed can protect your vehicles from many types of weather damage, including fading paint, cracking interior leather, weathering, and hail damage.

2. More space

In addition to accommodating your car, truck, or SUV, carports come in many sizes. You can choose an extra-large carport to store other items, including a recreational vehicle, ATV, riding lawn mower, boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile. Some people also enjoy using their carports as a place to relax during warmer weather. Carports provide a nice shaded area for people to congregate during family gatherings and backyard barbecues. Having a carport installed by Nelson’s Buildings can also allow you to store many other types of belongings beyond your vehicles.

3. Protection from vandalism and theft

Many vehicle thefts and incidents of vandalism are crimes of opportunity. Criminals are much likelier to steal vehicles or items from inside of them when they are parked on the street. When you park your car under a carport, it helps to deter would-be criminals. Carports sometimes offer greater protection against theft and vandalism than garages because the vehicles are visible, and they would be much easier to spot when they are trying to break into the cars or are thinking about vandalizing them.

4. House all types of vehicles

While carports sound like they are only meant to shelter cars, they can be used for any type of vehicle. Nelson’s Buildings offers carports in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights. You can have a carport installed on your property to shield your RV, trailer, motorcycle, or motorboat. Some carports are large enough to accommodate all of the vehicles that you own.

5. Convenience

Most carports have open sides and roofs. If you have an open carport installed, you will not have to worry about opening doors when you are carrying groceries and other items from your vehicle. Carports also help to keep your leather seats from becoming too hot during the summer months so that you will not have to worry about burning your skin when you first sit down in your car.

6. Energy efficiency

A carport is more energy-efficient than a garage. When you have a carport, you do not have to worry about wasting energy with bright lights, electronic garage door openers, and other features that can drain energy. This can help to reduce the energy output of your home and reduce your costs.

7. Adds value

If your home does not have a garage, it can make it more difficult for you to sell it if you ever decide to move. If you have a carport installed, it can add value to your home and make it much easier to sell at a better price than you might otherwise be able to get.

8. Savings on storage

When you have a carport installed, it can help to provide much more storage space. A carport might allow you to stop renting a storage unit so that you can save money. Carports can be used to store all types of possessions, and when they are enclosed, they provide as much security as a storage unit.

9. Stylish design options

There are many different styles of carports available from Nelson’s Buildings. There are different roof styles and other design features that can work with the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. You can choose the style that complements your home the best and choose from a broad range of colors to match.

10. Improved organization

With a carport, you can declutter your home and get more organized. Instead of having too many items in the way, you can move them to your carport so that they can be more easily accessed. This can make it easier to find the tools and other items that you need when you need them without them being in the way inside of your home.

Top-quality carport installations from Nelson’s Buildings

Nelson’s Buildings proudly serves people in 23 states and is prepared to help you with all of your storage and carport needs. We have a huge catalog of available carport styles and colors, and we only require a small deposit upfront. You can choose to buy a metal carport in our online shop or call in for more customized options. When you choose us for your carport, we will deliver and install it for you for no additional cost. To learn more about the benefits you can enjoy from a carport installation, contact us today at (352) 374-7705.


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