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The best metal carports in Texas

If you are searching for a metal carport for your home or business in Texas, Nelson’s Buildings has numerous sizes, height options, and styles to choose from. Our inventory of carports is huge and can fulfill your unique requirements.

Today, buying a car, ATV, boat, truck, or RV in Texas is a major investment. Like most Americans, Texas residents want to protect their valuable vehicles from the ravages of the elements. It makes little sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on vehicles only to leave them without protection from the sun, snow, rain, hail, and wind. When you purchase a steel carport from Nelson’s Buildings, you can protect your vehicles so that they last longer and retain more of their value.

Carport roof styles in TX

Texans who want to purchase metal carports need to know about the different roof styles. In addition to giving carports different looks, the different roof styles also vary in their strength. Here are the three roof styles that you can find in Texas from Nelson’s Buildings.

  • Regular Roof Carports

  • Boxed Eave Roof Carports

  • Vertical Roof Carports

Texas Carports TX

Texas Carports – Regular Roof Style


Regular roof carports in Texas

Regular roof carports have traditional gambrel-style roofs with rounded ages. These roofs are built out of stainless steel, which makes them strong and durable for people in Texas.

The regular roof carports at Nelson’s Buildings are the most economical and the most popular among Texas residents. They are great to use to protect your vehicles or to use for shade from the sun’s harmful rays.

You can customize your regular roof carport by choosing your preferred size, height, and color. Nelson’s Buildings offers free delivery and installation services throughout Texas. When you order your regular roof carport today and pay a small deposit, you will be able to enjoy its benefits in no time.

Texas Metal Carports

Texas Carports – Boxed Eave Roof Style


Boxed-eave roof carports in Texas

Boxed eave roof carports are our mid-range option. These carports cost a little more than our regular roof carports in Texas because they are even stronger and more durable.

Our boxed eave roof carports have A-frame roofs with steel panels supporting the roofs that run lengthwise across them. They also have extra steel linings running along the sides for more support. Texas residents love the sturdiness of the frames and the dependability of these carports.

The boxed eave roof carports are simple to set up, but you will not have to worry about it when you order your carport in Texas from Nelson’s Buildings. We offer free delivery and installation services for every purchase in Texas.

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Texas Carports – Vertical Roof Style


Vertical roof carports in Texas

Our top-of-the-line steel carport for Texas residents is the vertical roof carport. This carport is the heaviest-duty carport that we offer and can withstand heavy snow, ice, hail, and rain.

The vertical roof carports have A-frame roofs with vertical ridges running from the top of the roofs to the sides. This feature allows snow and rain to fall off of the roof instead of piling or pooling during Texas storms.

To provide more strength, the vertical roof carports have steel panels that are laid side by side and steel linings underneath the panels. This carport is worth your investment because of its ability to protect your valuable property in Texas.

Boxed Eave Roof Style Carport Nelson's Buildings

Boxed Eave Roof Style Carport

How do boxed eave roof carports differ from vertical roof carports?

Vertical Roof Style Carport Nelson's Buildings

Vertical Roof Style Carport

Some Texas residents are unclear about how the boxed eave roof and vertical roof carports differ from each other. The boxed eave roof carports have horizontal ridges that run lengthwise across the roof. By contrast, the vertical roof carports have vertical ridges that run from the top of the roof to the sides and panels that are installed side by side.

Carports in TX Provide Protection

Texans experience many different types of weather, depending on the part of the state in which they live. People who live near the Gulf Coast experience blistering heat during the summers, torrential rains, and occasional hail. People who live in the central and northern parts of Texas sometimes experience snow and ice during the winter. These different types of weather can cause damage to unprotected vehicles and equipment. Hail can leave dents while the sun can cause fading to your paint and to the interior. Cars that are parked outside in the sun may also develop cracks in their dashboards and the leather parts of their interiors. These types of damage can be prevented by parking your vehicles under a steel carport from Nelson’s Buildings.

Nelson’s Buildings can provide what our customers in Texas are searching for. While other companies might have structures to sell, few offer metal carports that are built with the same degree of care and that have the same quality as the structures offered by Nelson’s Buildings. We also offer affordable pricing for our carports and deliver and install them for free throughout the state.

Nelson’s Buildings has a broad variety of carports available in Texas. There are many different sizes available, starting with our 12 x 21-feet single carport. We also can add to the length and width of your carport. If you have several vehicles that you want to park under your carport, we have triple-wide options available. We also have different height options available, and you can choose a carport that is high enough to accommodate your RV or farm equipment. Nelson’s Buildings can accommodate your needs no matter what type of carport you are searching for. You can customize your carport on our website and select your color, height, size, and roof style. When you make a purchase, you will only have to pay a small deposit and can pay your balance later.

There are several reasons why Nelson’s Buildings is the leading source of metal carports in Texas. Our carports are well-built, highly durable, and customizable. You can find exactly why you are looking for at an affordable price, and you can get your new steel carport by making a small down payment. Since we offer free delivery and set up to all of our customers no matter where they live in the state, you can realize even greater cost savings. You can choose huge triple-wide structures to fit your farm equipment or extra tall options for your RV. You can also choose a color to match your home or building and can order a single carport or multiple metal carports.

How Texans use the carports from Nelson’s Buildings

One great feature of the carports that you can buy in Texas from Nelson’s Buildings is their versatility. In addition to protecting your vehicles and equipment from the elements, you can also choose to purchase a carport to create a pavilion in your yard for entertaining. Having a shaded structure available outside can help your guests to remain comfortable during your backyard barbecues and other parties. A carport can come in handy when you plan a family gathering or party in case it is rainy. Metal carports also work well for storing garden tools and lawn equipment or for a shaded area to work on different projects.

When you choose Nelson’s Buildings, you can choose the size that fits your needs the best. We have compact carports as well as carports that are Texas-sized. Our smallest model is 12 x 21 feet and can range up to 24 x 41 feet. If you want a wider carport, we can accommodate you. You can choose a triple-wide option that ranges up to 30 x 41 feet. Finally, we offer lean-to metal barn structures that can be as big as 41 x 48 feet. No matter what size you want, we can help you to customize it.

Nelson’s Buildings offers fast and free delivery on every metal carport order in Texas. Texas residents can trust Nelson’s Buildings to help them to save money and to get the steel carports that they want. You can choose your color, roof-style, size, and height online in our shop and have your carport on its way by making a small deposit.

Most of the carports that we sell to our customers can be installed in a few hours. Our delivery and installation services are free throughout the state. Some of the cities that we serve in Texas include the following:

  • Houston, TX – carports
  • San Antonio, TX – carports
  • Dallas, TX – carports
  • Austin, TX – carports
  • Fort Worth, TX – carports
  • El Paso, TX – carports
  • Arlington, TX – carports
  • Corpus Christi, TX – carports
  • Plano, TX – carports
  • Abilene, TX – carports

Counties We Service in Texas

Texas Carports Metal Buildings Barns Counties We Service Nelsons Buildings

The green area represents counties we service in Texas for custom metal carports with FREE delivery and installation:

Anderson, Angelina, Aransas, Austin, Bastrop, Bee, Bell, Bosque, Bowie, Brazoria, Brazos, Burleson, Burnet, Caldwell, Calhoun, Camp, Cass, Chambers, Cherokee, Clay, Collin, Colorado, Cooke, Coryell, Dallas, Delta, Denton, DeWitt, Ellis, Falls, Fannin, Fayette, Fort Bend, Franklin, Freestone, Galveston, Goliad, Grayson, Gregg, Grimes, Hamilton, Hardin, Harris, Harrison, Hays, Henderson, Hill, Hood, Hopkins, Houston, Hunt, Jack, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Johnson, Kaufman, Lamar, Lampasas, Lavaca, Lee, Leon, Liberty, Limestone, McLennan, Madison,Marion, Matagorda, Milam, Montague, Montgomery, Morris, Nacogdoches, Navarro, Newton, Orange, Palo Pinto, Panola, Parker, Polk, Rains, Red River, Refugio, Robertson, Rockwall, Rusk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, San Patricio, Shelby, Smith, Tarrant, Titus, Travis, Trinity, Tyler, Upshur, Van Zandt, Victoria, Walker, Waller, Washington, Wharton, Williamson, Wise, Wood.

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