Pole Barns in Florida, Georgia and Alabama

No matter what type of storage needs you may have, a pole barn might be a great solution. Nelson’s Buildings offers high-quality pole barns to our customers in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Pole barns are highly versatile, durable, and affordable, and we can custom-build them for you to meet the needs of your business or your home. If you own land, you might choose a pole barn to store farm equipment, large vehicles, livestock, and more. Business owners use pole barns to store everything from company vehicles and machinery to construction materials, and pole barns make great workspaces for crafts professionals.

Pole Barns - Custom Built in Gainesville Florida, Georgia, Alabama.

Custom built pole barns

If you have large vehicles or equipment that are exposed to rain, wind, and dust, they can be damaged because of the unpredictability of the weather. By having a pole barn erected, you can protect your items from the elements. Pole barns can be built with the sides open, or they can be enclosed to make them function as a garage or barn. Nelson’s Buildings can custom-build a pole barn to meet your particular needs.

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What is a pole barn?

A pole barn is a building that is constructed with square wooden posts that are embedded into the ground or by embedding the poles directly into the ground. The poles support the roof, floor, and walls. The building’s pressure-treated poles or footings are deeply embedded into the ground, allowing them to bear substantial pressure and giving them added strength. The pressure is evenly distributed around the structure and the poles, helping to give the pole barn good resistance to damage from the wind. The poles are part of the framing so that the structure is very stable. This style of construction has been used for hundreds of years.

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Pole Barns in Florida, Georgia & Alabama

Pole Barn Manufacturer Construction

Pole Barn Construction

Pole barn features

Unique 8×8 pressure-treated posts from the mill. The pole barns are constructed with zinc steel purlins to allow for a greater span than normal pole barns. We can deliver and install your pole barn in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama. They are available with closed or open sides and can be designed to meet your needs. Choose from our standard width and length options. Our pole barns come with the following features:

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  • 10′-12′ spans between posts (up to 24′ available)
  • 26 gauge or 29 gauge metal roofs
  • Pressure-treated 8 x 8s
  • High Quality Painted Steel Trusses
  • Ridge cap
  • Options for wind protection at 105 mph or 145 mph
  • Custom design choices
  • 25-year limited warranty on galvalume roofing materials
  • 40-year warranty for colored roofing

Pole Barn Color Choices – 40 Year Warranty & Color Chart

Polar White
SR .60 SRI 71

Light Stone
SR .50 SRI 57

Ash Gray
SR .47 SRI 55

Burnished Slate
SR .28 SRI 27

Rustic Red
SR .36 SRI 38

SR .34 SRI 35

SR .30 SRI 27

Cocoa Brown
SR .28 SRI 27

Charcoal Gray
SR .27 SRI 26

Hawaiian Blue
SR .32 SRI 32

SR .30 SRI 30

Desert Sand
SR .42 SRI 47

Old Town Gray
SR .42 SRI 47

Gallery Blue
SR .27 SRI 26

Fern Green
SR .27 SRI 26

Saddle Tan
SR .48 SRI 55

Ivy Green
SR.28 SRl27

Crimson Red
SR .33 SRI 34

SR .65 SRI 78


* Galvalume comes as a standard color. All other colors available at an additional cost.

  • Final color selection should be made from actual color chips.
  • A 40-year limited paint warranty is available for all colors upon written request.
  • Solar Reflectivity (SR): Solar reflectivity or reflectance is the measure of a material’s ability to reflect solar energy or sunlight from its surface SR values are numbered Oto 1 0 A value of 0 indicates that the surface absorbs all solar energy and a value ot indicates total reflectance ENERGY STAR requires an SR value of 0.25 or higher for steep slope roofing (above 2:12) and an SR value of 0.65 or higher for low slope roofing (212 or less). For more information, please visit
  • Solar Reflectance Index (SRI): The SRI is used to determine compliance with LEED requirements and is calculated according to ASTM E 1980 using values for reflec­tance and emissivity To meet LEED requirements, a roofing material must have an SRI of 29 or greater for steep slope roofing and an SRI value of 78 or higher for low slope roofing. For more information, visit

Our coils are tested and all come with an industry-best 40 year transferable warranty. This provides you a roof that many times is less-expensive, more appealing and a better value than shingles.

Color choices

The pole barns from Nelson’s Buildings come in 20 different color choices. The roofs are available in painted colors that come with a 40-year limited warranty upon your written request. All of the color options have solar reflectivity values and solar reflective index values so that you can make sure that the color you choose meets or exceeds Energy Star and LEED standards.

Commercial Panels

We stock 20 colors in both 29 and 26 gauges to provide you with rapid turn-around times. From stock trim profiles to custom designs, our CNC operated equipment guarantees you quality parts each time. In addition to the profiles we manufacture, we have wholesale relationships with other producers and can provide you any profile at a competitive price and short lead time. From 5-v crimp to standing seam to other architectural profiles, we have you covered.

Panel Width: 36” Ribs on Center: 1 1/4” - 12” on center Gauge: 24 or 26

Pole Barn Roof Construction Ribbed Panels
Pole Barn Roof Construction Rib Panels

Add-on Options For Your Pole Barn

  • Gable Ends
  • Drop Panels
  • Enclosed Side Walls
  • Enclosed End Walls
  • Gutter system with down spout
  • Garage Doors
  • Miscellaneous Walk in Doors
  • Window Frameouts

How can pole barns be used?

Pole barns have become increasingly popular in the last few decades. This is because of the ease and speed of installing these buildings and their great versatility. You can use your pole barn for a broad variety of business or residential purposes. Pole barns can be used to give your home more parking space or can be used for farm or business storage. Nelson’s Buildings has experienced professionals that can help you with designing and installing your new pole barn in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Nelson’s Buildings can also offer installation for your barn at the customer’s request, if you’re looking for a reliable pole barn install crew.

You can use a pole barn for much more than industrial reasons. These buildings are frequently used by homeowners to store farm equipment, tools, storage space, and workshops. A pole barn is a great option if your home does not have a garage or basement because of your ability to park your vehicles or store your excess belongings in your pole barn. When you have a pole barn, parking your vehicles inside can help to prevent them from being damaged by hail, rain, and wind so that they will last longer.

Horse Barns Stables

Horse barns / stables

Keeping your horses safe and healthy is important. When you erect a pole barn building for your horses, it can help to keep them safe from the weather while offering you a great facility. Many horse owners choose Nelson’s Buildings to install pole barns for their horses. The buildings are constructed in a way that can withstand any damage to your horses. Throughout your project, we will help you to consider your horse barn’s layout and ventilation choices. When you need a new horse barn, Nelson’s Buildings can help you to create a structure that helps to shield your horses and to keep them healthy and safe.

Equipment Barns Sheds

Equipment barns / sheds

If you leave your valuable equipment outside, it can be damaged by the rain, snow, ice, sun, and wind. Protecting your equipment from the weather can help it to last much longer than if you leave it exposed. A pole barn equipment shed can be designed to protect your farm equipment, bulldozers, tractors, and other heavy machinery. These sheds can be completely enclosed and still have proper ventilation to accommodate large equipment.

Loafing Barns Sheds

Loafing barns / sheds

A loafing shed is partially enclosed and is also called a three-sided enclosure. While a loafing shed may have one enclosed side, most have three sides enclosed. Building a loafing barn allows your horses and livestock to have a safe place to relax or outwait a passing storm. Nelson’s Buildings can install a loafing shed on your property so that your horses and livestock have a safe place to go when they need to get out of the rain or sun. A loafing barn can also be used to store boats, vehicles, or farm equipment.

Our pole barns lead many people to contact Nelson’s Buildings. People and businesses frequently need more space to store their investments. People may not want to pay monthly fees to a storage facility. Nelson’s Buildings can install a pole barn to allow you to benefit from more storage space while you save money. Your new pole barn can serve as a great space to store everything that you accumulate over the years safely.

Storing your valuables in a pole barn is a good way to protect them. You can make sure that your vehicles and other times are protected from the elements. Using your pole barn also helps to protect the interior of your vehicles, including the upholstery and wiring. By installing a pole barn on your property, you can responsibly protect and secure your items so that they will remain safe.

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Will a pole barn meet your needs?

Pole barns offer great value and are very durable. In all likelihood, you have encountered pole barns when you have visited a storage facility, arena, covered picnic location, or an auto mechanic’s garage. As structures that are supported by poles that are embedded and anchored to footings, pole barns are very durable and designed to last. You do not have to have a foundation or a finished floor. You can have a pole barn built in any size that you want. Since the framing runs horizontally to the poles, the structure is very sturdy. The wood posts are pressure treated along with other high quality components throughout the rest of your pole barn (trusses, sheeting, purlins, girts, etc.).

You can add many optional features to your pole barn, including lean-to, gable ends, enclosed walls, custom doors, insulation, window frameouts, etc. The roof style that you select can add to your building’s style. Pole barns are very affordable and simple for our builders to erect, helping to reduce the costs that you might expect to pay for your new building.

Pole Barn Gallery

Contact Nelson’s Buildings regarding your pole barn construction

Nelson’s Buildings is the preferred choice for pole barns for our customers in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. When you place your order, you will only have to pay a small deposit. Nelson’s Buildings has the ability to deliver and install your pole barn. We can work with you to create a custom pole barn design to meet your needs. To learn more and to request a quote, contact Nelson’s Buildings today by calling us at 352.374.7705.

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