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The best steel carports in Mississippi

In Mississippi, people experience hot temperatures and searing sun rays during the summer months and unpredictable weather during the winter and spring. The sun’s rays can cause damage to your vehicle as time passes. The paint can fade, and leather dashboards and seats can crack because of the sun’s rays. During the spring, hail can damage your vehicle, and rain can cause rust to form. One way that you can protect your vehicles from the elements is to purchase a steel carport from Nelson’s Buildings. We offer great metal carports at affordable prices to Mississippi residents throughout the state.

Mississippi residents can enjoy steel carports from Nelson’s Buildings for low-cost solutions to protect their vehicles. Our metal carports can also serve as gathering spots for your family or friends when you want to socialize outdoors. Some people store other outdoor items under their carports, including lawn equipment, mowers, boats, RVs, and more. These highly versatile structures are a great choice for whatever purpose you might have.

Carport roof styles in MS

When you are trying to find a steel carport to fit your needs, you must understand the different available roof styles. In Mississippi, Nelson’s Buildings offer three different roof styles, including regular roofs, boxed eave roofs, and vertical roofs. Here is a brief explanation of each of these styles of carport roofs.

  • Regular Roof Carports

  • Boxed Eave Roof Carports

  • Vertical Roof Carports

Mississippi Carports MS

Mississippi Carports โ€“ Regular Roof Style


Regular roof carports in Mississippi

Our regular roof carports in Mississippi are built from durable stainless steel and have gambrel roofs. These are very popular among Mississippi residents because of their strength and their affordability.

Our regular roof carports are prized by Mississippi residents because of their sturdy construction and their durability. Since they are made out of steel, they last for decades. These carports help to protect your car, truck, or other equipment from the damaging rays of the sun, hail, and the elements.

If you choose a regular roof carport, you can purchase it by paying a small deposit online. We will then deliver it to your home or business in Mississippi and set it up for free.

Mississippi Metal Carports

Mississippi Carports โ€“ Boxed Eave Roof Style


Boxed Eave roof carports in Mississippi

Our boxed eave roof carports are slightly more expensive than our regular roof carports in Mississippi. These carports have horizontal ridges in the steel of the roof to provide it with an increased surface area. By increasing the surface area of the steel, this adds strength to it.

The boxed eave roof carports have A-frame roofs to make them heavier duty than our regular roof carports. They also have linings made from steel along their edges and strong steel panels to support the roofs for Mississippi residents.

As with our other types of carports, Nelson’s Buildings offers free delivery and installation in Mississippi for our boxed eave roof carports. The installation is fast, allowing you to start benefitting from your new carport quickly.

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Mississippi Carports – Vertical Roof Style


Vertical roof carports in Mississippi

The sturdiest carports that Nelson’s Buildings offer to Mississippi residents are our vertical roof carports. These steel carports have A-frame roofs with vertical ridges that can handle heavy snow or rain. The vertical ridges allow precipitation to easily fall off of the structure instead of pooling or building on top.

The vertical roof metal carports in Mississippi contain steel lining underneath the steel panels for even greater strength. They also have extra panels to aid in their durability.

Like our other carports, our vertical roof metal carports are customizable. You can select the color and size that you want, and we will deliver it to your Mississippi home or business for free.

Boxed Eave Roof Style Carport Nelson's Buildings

Boxed Eave Roof Style Carport

What is the difference between a boxed eave roof and a vertical roof?

Vertical Roof Style Carport Nelson's Buildings

Vertical Roof Style Carport

Mississippi residents should know the differences between our boxed-eave vs. vertical roof carports. The boxed-eave carports have steel sheeting that runs the length of the roof. The vertical roofs have steel sheeting that runs vertically, which helps snow and rain to fall or run off of the roof.

Carports in MS Provide Protection

The weather in Mississippi can be unpredictable. Our carports can protect your vehicles and equipment from the following:

  • Hail
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Sun
  • Wind

Nelson’s Buildings is a top provider of metal carports in Mississippi. Our carports are easy to set up. However, we offer free delivery and installation services throughout the state, so you won’t need to worry about setting your carport up by yourself. When you order from Nelson’s Buildings, you will receive your steel carport quickly so that you can protect your vehicles from the weather.

Nelson’s Buildings offers carports in Mississippi that come in a range of different heights, sizes, and styles. Our single carports come in a standard size of 12 x 21 feet. There are also other widths that you can choose from 18 feet to 24 feet. If you need more length, we have longer carports ranging from 26 feet to 41 feet, and we can add additional length in five-foot increments if you like.

We can also offer you larger widths from 26 feet to 30 feet. Choosing a wider carport can help you to accommodate multiple vehicles in Mississippi. We also offer lean-to metal barns in widths ranging from 36 feet to 48 feet. With these structures, the lengths begin at 21 feet. You can add additional lengths in five-foot increments to get the size that you want.

All of our steel carports are completely customizable through our online shop. You can choose the color, style of roof, height, and width online. One great reason why so many people in Mississippi choose Nelson’s Buildings is that you only have to pay a small deposit when you order your new carport. You can pay the remaining balance later while getting to enjoy your new carport now. We offer free delivery and installation of our carports throughout Mississippi.

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